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Cloud & IPad Pro


I’ve been a user of Balsamiq for many years; I believe I first encountered it around 2010. Since then I’ve been very happily with it and have advocated it to multiple companies throughout my career. Last week I found out that you have migrated to the cloud; I must say I couldn’t be happier with the promise. I run multiple PCs of varying OS and was really looking forward to have the same system on my Mac, PC, and iPad.

On the Mac and PC; everything is brilliant. Great Job. However, balsamiq cloud is really non-functional on my iPad Pro. Everything renders as it should; but the hit-test does not work. Click-and-Drag just moves the entire canvas and not the control on the page. Even using the Apple Pencil didn’t make a difference. It just plain doesn’t work well.

I can provide videos of the situation if that would be helpful; otherwise, do you know when this system will be really ready for use on the iPad Pro?

Running IPad Pro 12”
IOS 11
Chrome and safari browser


Hi @JustinScott, thanks for the kind words!

Our plan is to make the in-browser version work ‘decently’ on the iPad in the next few months.

The long term goal is to create a dedicated native iOS Balsamiq Cloud app in 2018.

Stick with us, we’ll get there! :slight_smile:


Hi, any updates on iPad Pro app / functionality?

Somehow I can’t design anything, but am able to create mockups in Balsamiq that somehow are useful for my team.

While I don’t use the iPad Pro for much, it would be perfect for Balsamiq. I would literally (no joke) be willing to pay $200 per year for this, maybe more if you press me hard for it. Dead serious… Any updates on your plans on this?? Found threads from years back where you promised an iPad app… :frowning:


We want it on the iPad pro, @dolf.

We are focused on getting the new Desktop app out the door, but the iOS versions will follow that. We are hoping to get up and running on an iOS version in early 2019. If you would like, I’d be happy to add you to the beta test list we have started for it.

Balsamiq For Tablet

Please do, would love to beta test!


Done and done. You’re on the list, my friend.

We will be in touch when we have something to test!


Can you please also add me to the Beta waiting List…


You’re on the list, @Nana! :slight_smile:


I would appreciate being included on the beta as well. I use Balsamiq regularly for work and would love to be able to design screens while commuting.


We’ll get you added to the list @golden_egg!


I would love to be on the beta list as well!


Added, @David_Garver