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Cloud & IPad Pro


Hi @JustinScott, thanks for the kind words!

Our plan is to make the in-browser version work ‘decently’ on the iPad in the next few months.

The long term goal is to create a dedicated native iOS Balsamiq Cloud app in 2018.

Stick with us, we’ll get there! :slight_smile:


Hi, any updates on iPad Pro app / functionality?

Somehow I can’t design anything, but am able to create mockups in Balsamiq that somehow are useful for my team.

While I don’t use the iPad Pro for much, it would be perfect for Balsamiq. I would literally (no joke) be willing to pay $200 per year for this, maybe more if you press me hard for it. Dead serious… Any updates on your plans on this?? Found threads from years back where you promised an iPad app… :frowning:


We want it on the iPad pro, @dolf.

We are focused on getting the new Desktop app out the door, but the iOS versions will follow that. We are hoping to get up and running on an iOS version in early 2019. If you would like, I’d be happy to add you to the beta test list we have started for it.

Balsamiq For Tablet

Please do, would love to beta test!


Done and done. You’re on the list, my friend.

We will be in touch when we have something to test!


Can you please also add me to the Beta waiting List…


You’re on the list, @Nana! :slight_smile:


I would appreciate being included on the beta as well. I use Balsamiq regularly for work and would love to be able to design screens while commuting.


We’ll get you added to the list @golden_egg!


I would love to be on the beta list as well!


Added, @David_Garver


Beta please. Need to see my mocks on a phone and a tablet.



Please could you also add me to Beta? I use V 3.5.16 at work on laptop but it would be ideal to use on iPad with Apple Pencil. So much more intuitive than a track pad for my old befuddled brain!



You’re on the list, @Mossbird!


I also have an iPad Pro and would love to be able to use it for Balsamiq! Happy to do any testing/providing feedback. Just joined the advisor list today.


I have added you to the list @Taylor_McCaslin. Thank you.


Hi. Would appreciate to test beta version on iPad Pro 12,9 - 3e.


Hi @Thomas_Larsson1,

Right now, we’re heavily focused on the native desktop apps but I’ve added you to our tracking list for iOS.


Ditto to be added to the beta list for IOS, I have so many IOS devices - happy to test on each :smiley:


Please add me to this for the beta list as well. Also, I am new to this forum so Hi everyone! Would love to test it on my SE & XS.