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Color for datagrid cells


How do you apply color to a specific cell in the datagrid?


Currently the way you’d do that is to overlay a Rectangle control and set the opacity to something less than 100%. In the future we’d like to improve the datagrid for more control over table cells.


Agree that it would be grand to be able to change colour for individual rows in a data grid, and also for individual buttons in the button bar…!


Hi @sssimila,

Thanks for taking the time to share your needs here.

I added your vote for both these features in our internal tracker so we can review and consider them within the team. As always, if others would like to see such feature, please let us know to help us prioritize these requests.

On a side note, we recently introduced the full color picker to the Data Grid, which allows you to define the color for each half or rows as shown below:

Thanks again for sharing your feedback, please keep it coming! :smile:


+1 for this feature


+2 both mine and my co-worker’s for this feature


When you decide to do this feature remember column color would be good as well. I have a column in a grid that I want to represent as read only using a different color. thanks


Pasting cells from excel into mockups would be pretty awesome, as it is quicker to enter data that way.


+1 on the vote for this feature


+1 for this feature from me and my team.


This would really be a great, an much needed feature. A lot of our users like to identify records within an application based on the color of a row. For instance, if a record’s status is Needs Review, they like to see this visualized by the row being yellow or orange, Denied would be red, etc. We have several applications that use this type of visual notification. Being able to produce mockups for the users with this type of visualization would be perfect.


+3 from our product team! This is particularly helpful when visualizing data tables that include scores/grades/ranks by color. Every time I update a number in the data grid, it throws off my entire sizing of all my overlays.


+1 for this feature. I also agree that colors are increasingly used in grids to automatically indicate different statuses or types of data in rows or individual cells.