Color of top, pre-set pattern bar



Any ideas how to get the same color as the top bar that comes as a pre-set pattern option (it’s a greyish/purple color)?

Merci and great app, folks.


Hi @Jason_Carmichael and thanks for reaching out today!

We’d love to help but we’re not sure about the top bar you mentioned, would you mind sharing a screenshot maybe?

We’ll stand by for your reply and will go from there.


Hi Virgin,

Thanks for the speedy response. Here are a few screenshots - Let me know if
they are not visible.

The first image is of the bar and the color I would like to re-create:

The second image shows the pre-set background pattern buttons that gave me
the previous screenshot.

Many thanks for your help.



Thanks for sharing the details @Jason_Carmichael, got it this time! :slight_smile:

I’ve just grabbed the HEX value for you, here it is: 828896

You can use it directly in the color picker field and press ENTER to confirm it, as shown below:

Hope this helps!


Many thanks, Virgin. I’ll give this a go and get back to you if needed.

Best - Jay


I’ve just started to use the programme, loving it btw!
But do you know if there any other way of changing the size/ colour of the pre-set background pattern?
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Are you talking about the graph paper, @Jhytsui?

If so, there isn’t a way to change the color or pattern, but you can turn it off in View > Graph Paper.

Let me know if you were talking about something different!


Thanks for helping, I’m trying to figure out if I can change the size of the bottom/top pattern bars without inserting a larger rectangle shape onto of it as I find it hard to match the colour and align the sides perfectly? .

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


There isn’t, @Jhytsui. But I will make sure the team knows you’re looking for it!