Columns in DataGrid not same width


I create a Data Grid and put this in the text (a bunch of commas):

and I get the grid below. All the columns are not the same width. Is this by design?



Probably based on the size constraints of the control itself, @emnrd. Are there no justification options in the Data Grid? Would like like “{65L, 0R, 35, 0C}” or something similar at the bottom.


It seems to happen no matter the width, e.g.;

Ideal behavior would be for all columns to be the same width if nothing else is specified.


Yeah, I’m not sure why they are weighted like that. Seems like a rounding error.

Let me check with the dev team.


Yeah, it’s has to do with how the data grid calculates space. We want to do a WYSIWYG data grid at some point, but we have to get these native desktop apps out first (if I sound like a broken record, I’m sorry - it’s what we are most focused on).

Is this a blocker for you, @emnrd? If you add {1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1} to it, it should space correctly.


Not a blocker at all. Thanks for addressing the question.