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Combining Balsamiq Mockups with SAP BUILD for creating powerful prototypes


As a student who is writing a project paper about the SAP Fiori User Experience, I discovered the prototyping tool SAP BUILD.

With SAP BUILD, one can create clickable prototypes and create studies of the prototype projects to get feedback and improve the concept.

Then I discovered the combination of SAP BUILD and Balsamiq Mockups. I’m fascinated how easy it is to create expressive mockups with Balsamiq Mockups. In my opinion, the combination with SAP BUILD holds an impressive potential.

By creating .png images with Balsamiq Mockups, one can simply drag and drop the images into a project folder of SAP BUILD. The images will be presented as website pages and you can create hotspot areas on the images to define navigation between the pages.
This way, you and your team members can get a better feeling for the nascent application with a very low expenditure of time.

I can only encourage all of you to check out this combination by yourself!

You could check out my little sample project to get a feeling for the result of this combination here.

With the goal to create prototypes for apps that will be implemented with the JavaScript framework SAPUI5 to enable the SAP Fiori User Experience, the only limitation is that Balsamiq Mockups do not provide most of the SAPUI5 controls.
I think, if Balsamiq Mockups would provide at least some SAPUI5 controls, it would gain a lot of attractivity for companies that work with SAPUI5. Maybe there is a way for the BUILD team and the Balsamiq team to cooperate?

Additional information about SAPUI5 can be found here.


Thanks for sharing the tip @L.Lat, we’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

I also wanted to mention that you can link mockups together to create a simple prototype for your site or software application from Mockups 3 itself. Please find the details about that linking feature on this page.