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Combobox in a Datagrid


Is it possible to have a combobox as an element in a datagrid? If yes then how, if no then it would be nice to add as a feature. I can make a combobox separately and then put it over the element in the datagrid but it’s very hard then to get the background color and size right.

Thank you


There isn’t a way to do this, @nnovod, but it helps knowing you’d like to see it.

We want to look at the data grid again as soon as the dust from our app overhaul settles, and I will make sure this is on the list of things we talk about.

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One thing that may be easier for your workflow is using the drop down icon, and placing that on the data grid instead.

Thanks again for your post. If there is anything else you’d like to see, just let us know!