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Command-C with nothing selected clears the cut buffer (aka clipboard)


I was in the process of pasting some text in the Text object, when I accidentally pressing Command-C instead of Command-V with nothing selected (the two keys are so close to each other), and lost the contents in the clipboard, i.e. Command-V pasted nothing.

I expected cut/copy with nothing selected to be ignored. I think this is consistent with Windows and Mac cut and paste behavior.


Hi @Michael_Yee

Thank you for the bug report. I can reproduce the issue.
I handed it on to get it fixed.


Ouch. I can highly recommend using a clipboard manager, that way you never lose what you previously had on the clipboard. There’s quite a few managers to choose from too.

I used ClipMenu (OS X) for years, it’s free, has loads of options, and for images you even get a thumbnail view. But, it hasn’t been updated in forever and will probably break at some point – hello El Capitan!

I’m currently moving over to LaunchBar (also OS X), it has a load of different features including something they call “ClipMerge” that enables you to merge pastings. It’s more of a productivity enhancing tool so there’s lots more to learn.


Thanks! Please have someone look into the following bug. I have updated the description to be more clear. Thank you.


Hi @Michael_Yee

We fixed the issue that cleared the clipboard data.

You can get the new version (3.1.5) here:

And the complete release notes are here: