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Command-Line Usage Of Balsamiq 3


I’d like to be able to export my mockups from the command-line.

( Generally, being able to do command-line things is a really wonderful thing for a variety of reasons.)

This seems to have been supported in the past, but I cannot make it work on 3.3.6 with OSX

$ ./Balsamiq\ Mockups\ 3 export Wireframes.bmpr /tmp/

just launches the Balsamiq app and does nothing

Help or advice would be much appreciated!


Hi @ckritzinger,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

You’re right, we decided to no longer support this feature since the release of version 3 for various reasons but I’ve added it back in our internal tracker so we can discuss it with the team.

If others would like to see this feature back, please let us know by adding your comment or Like/Heart to help us defining the need for this request.


Sigh. That is really a sad step backwards. That and the “giant opaque binary blob” file format design decision.

It would be really handy if you could spend effort on making your tool more “hackable” rather than less.

That would let the community build things like sitemap tools and other nice add-ons, instead of relying on you to add every little feature that we want :slightly_smiling:

Other than that, I’m still a massive fanboy of Balsamiq! Thanks for a great product.


Thanks for the kind words @ckritzinger. :slightly_smiling:

Just a few words on the points you mentioned:

  • Sitemap: We recently added the ability to populate a site map based on the project structure, as shown below:

  • File format: if you need to get an “old” format file version out of a project created in the latest version, you can use the “Project > Export > Project to BMMLs ZIP” option if needed.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us today, that’s always very helpful for us!



Export options with the command line are something I would really like to see.

I build a small CLI tool that automatically check a folder with PNG mockups and compare them to attachments on our planning system, then it allow me to choose to “commit” changes by uploading the new mockups, update or delete old mockups, etc.
This require to export manually the mockups from the project as PNG to a specific folder every time while a command line option could export them automatically when closing Balsamiq for example and then open the CLI…