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Comment/Annotate/Feeback in Prototype view


We are using the “Launch Prototype” feature of myBalsamiq and have several usecases all linked together and have provided some internal customers with the URL. One aspect of invision is the ability to add comments directly to the current page so that users can drop annotations inplace while exploring the mockup. Is there any simple means to achieve this effect? I’d really rather not have to export PNGs, load into invision and relink them all.

In the prototype view there is already a footer toolbar that allows toggling of link highlighting, it would be fantastic if there were a “Show/Hide Comments” and “Add/Edit Comments” feature. Adding each comment as a symbol on the Markup layer with the user’s comment text as a property of the symbol would allow one to see them in the editor.

Is there any means to achieve this short of a “redo” effort in something like Invision?



Hey @JohnVolkar!

While inline mockup notes (from the prototype view) are not something we currently support, it’s something we should definitely look at. I will pass that along to to the team. You will be able to add notes to a mockup in a forthcoming myBalsamiq update, and it’s something we are going to be talking about soon.

In the interim, you may want to consider adding one of your clients to your myBalsamiq project. That way, they can comment in line using markup, or comment on the Mockup in the mockup view page.

2016 is going to be a big year for myBalsamiq!


Clients have no interest or inclination in learning to use a mockup tool; a very simple “drop a comment” on a view (like invision has) is about the most that they seem interested in doing. (Yes, using Balsamiq directly was my first suggestion; which was rejected as too complicated.)

I’d love to see this added as a feature, it would go a long way towards making the prototype view a good vehicle for getting user feedback. Thanks.


Oh! Also, on that same footer toolbar a means to toggle the Markup layer on/off would also be needed! Separate layers, for “Markup”, and for “Comments”, would be ideal. Not sure if I’m asking for too much, but I figured I’d throw it out there while my pain/annoyance is fresh.


Totally understood, John, and I’m sorry for any frustration this is causing you and your team. I’ve created the feature story in our tracker, and I will add the ability to show/hide comments to it.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to bring this to us, John, we really appreciate it.

If other folks would find this useful, let us know!


Is there a place to +1 upcoming features? This one’s critical!


Here’s is the perfect place @Jeff_Deville, I’ve added your vote for this one! :slight_smile: