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Comment/annotate with line marking WHERE it applies


I spend a LOT of time marking up existing UI’s.

I often want to just point to something (like maybe the text of a button).

I’m not seeing an easy way to this in Balsalmiq.
I tried the Callout and Comment Markup symbols, they don’t allow me to point to something specific. I could do it with two symbols but … that’s twice as much work :slight_smile:



Hi @Clay_Nichols,

Thanks for the post and the question. If I understand you correctly, this sounds like a perfect application for Symbols.

You could create the control you need from one or two or more controls just once, then convert it to a Symbol for convenient reuse via the Quick Add or UI Library.

Do you want to give that a go and get back to me with any questions?



@Clay_Nichols on a side note, we added a dedicated feature in our web version (see below) and it will be included in our upcoming major Desktop version (release planned this year!).



Hey Clay,
Glad to meet you here. You can easily get what you want in Balsamiq Desktop v3 using a little trick.

  1. Use Popover as a comment wrapper. It has pointer, background color, and markdown support
  2. Set “Treat as markup” for your popovers (CTRL + SHIFT + K)
  3. To add new comment, just duplicate an existing popover (CTRL + D) and change its content!
  4. Toggle the Markup visibility to show/hide comments (CTRL + K)

Please watch my demo and let me know how it works for you :