Comments -> Slack?


Is there a Slack integration where new myBalsamiq comments can show up in a given Slack channel?


Hi Bucky, there is not an integration like that currently. I’ll add it to our list for the future. That would be really cool!


I suppose a workaround is to do an email filtering thing… the problem is: if I make a comment, I dont receive the email for it. That leads to the idea of having a dedicated email address to do some sort of IFTTT thing…


You could also setup a RSS integration for a project into a channel pretty easily. This would also post when you update a mockup.


The RSS integration apparently does not pick up comments. That loses a lot of value.


Any update on slack integration?

Just started using this in the organisation and it would be great if we could preview/interact with mockups from within slack or easily access mockups via your web app with associated notifications on updates


Hey @harryjan,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

Actually, while integration with Slack is on our radar, our main focus is currently on a huge update for myBalsamiq and making our apps native. We hope to have more news about it soon!

In the meantime, I’ve added your vote for this one to help prioritizing it for the future, we will definitely look into this!

Thanks for sharing your need about it. We’re here to help if you need anything else.


hi there!
any updates on the balsamiq/slack integration (balsamiq comments notifications in slack)?
thank you!


Not yet @Patatak, but I’m adding your vote for it! We’ll make sure to update this thread with any news about this.

Thanks for sharing your need, Patrick! :slight_smile:


Just started using this in my company… First thing I searched for is a slack integration. I am waiting.


thanks @Virgin :slight_smile: hopefully we get it soon :wink:


Please add slack integration to balsamiq for comments