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Complete data loss (can't be recovered) after accidental click on 'move to trash'


I use Balsamiq 3.0.2.
I created two mockups within one project. I accidently click on ‘move to trash’ from mockup contextual menu. There wasn’t any confirmation dialog! I tried to Undo the actions, but it did NOT restore my deleted mockup! I closed Balsamiq without saving project, run Balsamiq again, tried to open my project, but the mockup wasn’t there! I have been creating this mockup for hours, and now it’s gone completely.

It’s a terrible UX, guys. Very disappointed.


Hello @Stanislav_Golodov, if you go to View > Trash, your mockup should be there, ready to be restored.


Maybe it would help if the “Move to Trash” option (the most destructive one there) would be the last one (and farthest) in context menu? I’ve been accidentally clicking it myself…


Good idea Taimar! I’ve added it to our queue to consider. Thanks!



Added a separator in 3.0.4.
Here are the complete release notes:

As usual you can get the new version here:


I believe that confirmation dialog (“are you sure” alert with OK and Cancel buttons) is still needed.
The 2nd way out is to make it possible to recover deleted mockup with the help of undo action (from menu or by ctrl+z). Moreover, you can display an ‘undo’ link at the place of deleted mockup right after it has been deleted.


We are planning to support Undo in the future. It’s a complicated and risky operation, so we have to take our time and get it right. At this point, we’re not planning to add in more barriers with a confirmation dialog because it is a non-destructive event. You can always recover it from the trash. We do want to make that easier though with the undo, so we’ll be focusing there. Thanks!


I hadn’t come across this need so far where I accidentally moved to trash. I had to search for this topic and found this solution of “View --> Trash” menu. A couple of suggestions:

  1. A toaster message (similar to export confirmation) informing users that item is moved to trash and can be recovered through View menu would be helpful.
  2. Displaying a drop down affordance next to “Mockups” label above left panel to switch between view items (Mockups, Assets, Symbols, Trash) would allow for exploration, clicking and discovering the option to view Trash.


Thanks for those suggestions, @Aras_Kannu. Will definitely keep them in mind for the new version of the app!