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Completed Site Map Is Too Large For Canvas


I created a site map for my new company site that has a vertical height of 4967.5. Unfortunately, I learned afterwards that the max H and W available is 4056. Rather than deconstruct and rebuild the site map with break points, is there anyway I can get the full map out of Mockups 3? I tried exporting to PDF and copying to the clipboard but obviously the map ends at the bottom of the canvas for both of these operations. Any Suggestions on how I could get my completed site map into another application like any of the Adobe CC apps? Thanks!



There isn’t a great way to do this, @joem, and I’m sorry about that. The larger canvas is something that is coming with the native editor, but we aren’t there yet.

However, if you would like to send me the data you pasted into your site map (or post it here), I can try to get you an PNG/PDF of it. I can’t make promises because I’m not sure it will work, but I’d be more than happy to try!

Sorry again for the trouble here. It’s something that we are hoping to improve as soon as we switch to native versions of the app :slight_smile:


Hi Brendan, Thanks! I managed to split the map into two PDF exports by deleting the lower sections that extended past the canvas first, then exporting the PDF, then deleting the original sections that fit and replacing them with the sections that I originally deleted. I then exported that as a PDF and brought them both into Photoshop where I reassembled them.

I’d like to make two suggestions for updates to Mockup 3 site maps:

  1. Export as vector PDF rather than just bitmap
  2. Include the ability to color code the actual rectangles themselves or if not, the text contained within them. This would help visually differentiate sections of a large site.

Thanks for your quick reply and kind offer to help.


Oh great, @joem, I’m glad you got it working. I’m sorry for the hassle.

Vector exports are something we really want to do, but we cannot do it with Adobe Flash/Air. That’s another thing we are hoping to do with the native app :).

As for color coding, you are not the first person to bring this up. The next time we poke at the site map control, this is the type of stuff we will look at! I will make sure that you’re comments are added to the overall conversation on that.

Thanks again for the post, Joe. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do!