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Configuring the "Link" property of a Link


Hi all,

First post on this forum. I’ve used Balsamiq for a few weeks and really liking it so far. However, today I ran into a small issue. I am not sure if it can be classified as a “bug” or if it is a feature, nor if there exists a workaround.

What I’m trying to do, is use a Link item (the piece of text that is colored blue and with an underline, like a link in your web browser). I want to link it to another mockup, so that the function of the link is “Go Back (in Full Screen)”. This I can do with regular buttons.

The problem I face is that when I click the “Link” property menu, the positioning of the popup menu is such that I can’t see nor select the items that are normally found at the bottom of the menu. This includes the item I would like to select. The only one I can see is “Link to Web Address…”.

I have tried playing with resizing the window etc but I can’t seem to get it to work. Here is a screen dump of what I see. I blacked out the names of the mockups because I would prefer not sharing that.

Here is a screen dump of how it looks with a button.

I suspect, that if this is a bug, then it is something about the layout of the property window of the right and how the popup menu is positioned.

I would appreciate if someone could have a look at this. If this is indeed a small hickup in the layout then it’d be great to fix it, to make a great tool even better. :slight_smile:

Also, in case someone knows how I could work around this right now (can I edit some piece of code somewhere, or similar), then I would really value that piece of advice highly!

Thanks & best regards,

// Magnus


Well, I did find a workaround in the end. By hiding the UI Library above the sketch area, the property window moved far enough towards the top so that the drop-down menu revealed the final items.

It would seem, that the logic for how to display the popup menu for the Link property of a “Link” is somehow drop-down, while for the Link property of a “Button” it is “drop-up”. I would suggest to change the former to also be “drop-up”?


// Magnus


Thanks for the heads up on this, Magnus. The flow of the dropdown (or dropup, as it were) menu should be determined by its position on the screen, so I’m not sure why the Link dropdown isn’t.

I’ll have @Florian_Brauer poke at it and see if he can replicate it.


Hi Magnus,

Thanks for the report. I managed to reproduce it and I think I can even provide some insight.

By default we want to open a drop down menu “down”. If there is to little space to display the menu we check if we can open the menu as drop up menu. If there is again too little space then we fall back to drop down…

This is exactly what happens with the link control when we have a minimum application height. Then the drop down menu gets too long for both options when you have ~10 mockups.

There is another workaround:

  1. Add a button with a link
  2. Transform the control to a link from the drop down menu next to the control name or press CTRL+T when you have the button selected.
  3. Type link and enjoy.

I hope the information helps you to understand what is going on. I added the issue in our internal bug tracker.


Thank you Brendan and Florian for taking the time to answer. :slight_smile:

Indeed it seems there are several workarounds for this case. I do see why this can arise as a result of having many enough mockups in the project and the location of the drop down menu box.

I would say patching this thing in the software is not a critical thing, seeing that there do exist ways to work around it. :slight_smile:

Great work so far on Mockups, I really like the tool after using it for a few weeks. :+1:


// Magnus


Perhaps a future version can resolve this by allowing the user to type/search/filter the list of pages similar to changing an icon from the inspector.


Hi again @Ryan,

The next major version (native!) that we are preparing shouldn’t have the issue and will scroll the whole list. That being said, including a type/search feature for the links is on our radar too so I’m adding your vote to help to prioritize this one.

Thanks for sharing your idea, as always! :slight_smile: