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Confluence plugin issues


We’re doing a proof of concept with the Balsamiq plugin in our Confluence Server install and we’re having a few issues.

We run AWS EC2 instance servers, and we’ve configured the Confluence instance behind an AWS LB reverse proxy, as well as using a context path.

This means we use a generic url ( ex: ) with a context for each atlassian app (ex: and ). We believe this context value is causing the balsamiq plugin to not work as the FQDN we provide does not, and can not, handle the context required on the URL.

Is there a way to fix this, or is it supported ?

Greg Booth

Great question, Greg.

This one is over my head, so I’m going to have to go ask a Dev. :slight_smile: I’ll ping Sax, Stefano, and Andrea to see what they say, and then I will get back to you.

They are both based in Italy, so I probably won’t have an answer until tomorrow morning.

I’ll reply here as soon as I have an update. I’m sorry again for the trouble.

@boothg Would you mind emailing in, Greg?

That way Sax and Stefano can work with you directly on this.

Hi Greg, i think you are referring to Real Time Collaboration configuration because the plugin should work out of the box with context path, if configured according to atlassian docs.

Speaking about Real Time Collaboration, that is an optional feature (the plugin itself can work without it): in the plugin configuration “server name” section you should put the base url (without context path).

Then you should create a listener in the load balancer (one for each Rtc, so if you have both jira and confluence with balsamiq plugin, you should create one listener for port 9083 and one for port 9093)
Then each listener should forward to a specific rtc only target group (one for each rtc port, same way as the listener)

Let me know in case of trouble