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Contextual menus don't appear

I initially raised the following issue about your Cloud version via email Mar 2019:
I don’t get a contextual menu when I “right-click” (i.e. CTRL-click on Mac) on items on the canvas.
I do get contextual menus in the left-hand-pane (the wireframes list), but not anywhere on the canvas.

I did get replies, and we tried various things, and eventually gave up (maybe it was my OS, old, or something peculiar to my setup).

I recently bought a new iMac, am running the latest OS, etc. And now I use Google Drive version of Balsamiq. Same problem.

I thought I’d post in the forum and see if anyone else has got this bug.

Ugh, I’m sorry that this is still happening, @Christopher.

We have an update going out on Thursday to upgrade to React 16. I’m not going to hold my breath, but it’s also not out of the question that the update fixes this.

When you upgraded to your new mac, did you migrate, or did you install everything from scratch?

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I did a clean install.

The React 16 upgrade did not solve this bug. Note that contextual menus do work in some parts of the app (and in other browser-based apps I use) - it’s just not working on the canvas.

Any progress?

I’m chatting with the dev team about this, @Christopher. I want to get it solved once and for all because it’s a real head-scratcher.

Let me get back to you on Monday about it.

Still brainstorming on this one, Christopher. I will update again tomorrow.

@Christopher We do have a longshot suggestion. In Chrome’s Settings > Advanced > System, there should be a toggle to disable hardware acceleration. Would you mind toggling that, restarting Chrome, and seeing if the context menus show up?