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Convert between cloud and desktop and back


I am playing with your fantastic product. I am thinking about the way how I can use Balsamiq at home and at work as well.

I have a nice project, created with the trial Windows Desktop version. I would like to export my project from Desktop version and import it to the cloud version in order to I can continue working on the same project at work if I have time :slight_smile:

Then when I am at home, I would like to export the project from the cloud and import it to the Desktop version. But I can not see how can I do that (I am not allowed to execute random *.exe files on my computer at work, but I can use the cloud version)

Could you please help me?

Hi @xasurunin,

Thanks for the post.

Transferring projects between Desktop and Cloud is super easy as both use the .BMPR format for project files. To upload a Desktop project to Cloud, just click the upload icon:

And to go the other way, just download the Cloud project as a .BMPR file and open it in Desktop:

You can also download the .BMPR - while the project is open for editing in Cloud - via the menu: Project -> Download project BMPR…

Do you want to check that out and get back to me with any questions?

I can see. Thanks for your help.

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