Convert Desktop Design to Mobile?


I have designed a user interface for a desktop app and wondering is it possible to convert this into a mobile version without having to start from scratch?

I have used Wix to create an online portfolio and it is very similar to this, but that automatically designs a mobile UI whilst the desktop is being designed. I am just wondering if this is possible too with Balsamiq?


Hi @DNeiland and welcome to the forums!

As a low-fidelity wireframing app - as opposed to a more sophisticated design or site-building tool - we don’t really have any features which would automatically repurpose a desktop UI into a mobile UI.

We tend to be used very early in the design phase to explore and iterate ideas around content and structure.

There’s more background on this here: How Does Balsamiq Compare to Other UI/UX Tools?

We do have a wealth of learning resources on our Balsamiq Wireframing Academy site and it’s possible you’ll find some guidance there for thinking about mobile wireframing going forward e.g.