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Convert to symbol - turn it off


Convert to symbol - how do I take it off. I am new to Balsasmiq and all my accordians are somehow showing as groups with the properties showing a greyed out box ‘Convert to Symbol’. Not sure how it got there and how can I turn it off. Thanks, Alison


Hi @AlisonC,

Sorry for the hassle with this.

Any chance that one of your control is a symbol already? If so, you wouldn’t be able to convert the group to a symbol as we do not support nested symbols for now.

You can check this by overlaying the “Convert to symbol” option which will display the following tooltip:

To work around this, you will need to “break apart” your existing symbol (detailed here before trying to make a new symbol out of your group.

Please let us know if the issue persists or if you have a different behavior, we’ll dig deeper! :smile:



I have just tried creating a symbol for the first time but I get the disabled button with the nesting warning. However, even if I simply create two rectangles and group them, it is still complaining about nesting.
This is in Windows 7 x64 bit.
Kind regards


Hi @ben_jones,

Sorry for the snag!

Sounds like a weird one, let’s try to find what’s causing it:

Are you seeing the same issue if you create a new project?

Could you please check on the version you are running? We just released version 3.3.1 which is available here if needed:

If the issue persists, would you mind sending us your BMPR file to so that we can try to reproduce the issue here? We will keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

Sorry again for the hassle with this, we’ll get to the bottom of it!


Hi @Virgin

Many thanks for the support - good to know it was me and not the tool! For anyone else who might make the same mistake as me, I had jumped the gun and switched to the symbols view to create my symbol, instead of staying in the mockup to create it before using the Convert To Symbol button.

Have to say the support was the best I’ve ever received - prompt, courteous and above and beyond my initial issue. Outstanding service from @Virgin and Balsamiq :smile:

Thanks Again


Glad that we figured this out together @ben_jones!

Thanks for the feedback, we truly appreciate it.

Please let us know if you need any information or support in the future, we’ll be happy to help! :smile:



I have converted an accordion menu to a symbol. Once I add the symbol to many screens I want to change what is selected on the accordion menu. Once I break it apart to change the selection, then this is no longer a symbol. So if I go to update the symbol this screen with the symbol does not get updated. If I want to change the selection for each screen with the symbol how do I get to turn it back to symbol if I break it apart? Or do I have too many symbols within a symbol? I hope this explains what my situation is.



Hi @Buhalis04 and sorry for the hassle with this.

It sounds like the change did not apply in this case because the Symbol was broken apart.

The best way to make a specific change to a Symbol (for only one wireframe) is to override its properties. Then editing the Symbol source should apply to all instances of the Symbol (even the modified one).

I hope this helps but please let us if you still have trouble with this.