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Converting Balsamiq wireframes to High Fidelity prototypes


Balsamiq has been an awesome tool to create low fidelity wireframes for my app. I now need the fastest way to convert my wireframes into a high fidelity demo. Are there tools out there that can import Balsamiq wireframes and convert them into high fidelity protoypes as a starting point? FYI … my prototype will mostly leverage Bootstrap framework. Any advice on how to do this quickly would be much appreciated.



Hi Prab,

Try Napkee to convert Balsamiq mockups to Bootstrap and please share the experience, if it works good.


Just a hint: The last commit of napkee was 3 years ago.

I tried it around 5 years ago and I wouldn’t recommend it. It has done it job but imho clickable PDF is much more convenient and the generated HTML is not HiFi enough to use it.

I tend to use Axure to create HiFi prototypes. Every tool has advantages depending on the use cases you have. You can’t replace Balsamiq with Axure and you can’t replace Axure with Balsamiq.


Peldi have promissed some artificial intelligence (AI) tool for converting real software screenshots to wireframes. Probably, it will work in reverse direction, as well )

Anyway, so far it’s a designers’ work, rather than machine. I personally use Figma for hi-fi mockups.