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Copied value gets lost when overriding a symbol


In Mockups 3 for desktop I tried to copy a hex code and override a symbol to use it as a border color. Every time I double click the symbol to override it, the copied hex color gets lost from the clipboard. Until this action I can paste it in Balsamiq and every other tool.

It seems to me that I have no possibility to paste a text when overriding a property of the symbol. Manually entering the hex code works fine but I am not able to copy the hex code from outside Balsamiq and pasting it while overriding.

Strange feature if this is a wanted behaviour :slight_smile:


Hi Frederik!

That’s a fun one, indeed. I’ve added your vote for fixing it in Mockups 3 for Desktop but just so you know, Balsamiq Wireframes (our new editor) is not affected by this one.

Also, using the native context menu (right-click) option works fine, in the meantime.


Thanks for the report, as always! :slight_smile: