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Copy As Image doesn't work


I’m using Balsamiq 3 Beta and can’t get the Copy As Image feature to work either by menu or Ctrl+Alt+C.
I select a group of controls and click on the menu and it does nothing - the contents of the clipboard are unchanged from whatever was in there before.

I’m running Version: 999.39 - 02/20/2015 11:09 on a Win7 64bit PC

Balsamiq 2 works fine even when run concurrently with Bq3


Hey Mike, thanks for the report. We were able to get this fixed. Can you grab the latest and give it a try? Let us know if you see anything amiss!



That seems to have done the trick.




Hi there,

does this feature work in the version 3.1.2?
It’s not working for me and my colleagues, but it would be very very helpful.


Hi @Liubi

Apparently some applications have an issue with the clipboard data in Balsamiq Mockups 3. We did a change in the prerelease to address this. Can you try if it still does not work for you?
You can get the prerelease here:


Hi Florian,
I was trying to copy as image to PowerPoint, and it didn’t work.
Today I’ll try to check the prerelease on my private laptop, as for installing it on my computer at work i would need to contact our helpdesk to ask to install the new version and then probably to go back to the old version, and it would take really much time with them (I don’t have admin rights).
However, I don’t know if it really helps to test it on another computer.