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Copy bitmap to clipboard (changed format and function bug)

I use version 4.2.1 for Windows and the “Copy bitmap to clipboard” has two major issues:

  1. The menu get’s disabled after I click somewhere in the mockup (I can use it once, after starting mockups). I can select the mockup with “Ctrl+A” and the menu is enabled again, but I can’t use it w/o selecting the mockup.
  2. The format of the export changed, it’s double the size now, if I paste them in our requirement tool. They are way too big like this.

Both issues are a dealbreaker and I have to downgrade to a previous version. Are these changes planned by you or do you see them as bugs?

I have the same issue. As a workaround, I use free third-party print screen tool Postimage, where I can select an area to copy to the clipboard.

It looks like doubling the size is trend: in Figma they explain this was made for the retina users. I’m curios, whether Balsamiq had the same idea behind this feature?

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Hi @andi and sorry for the trouble.

  1. That one is a bug we discovered last week and we’re planning on fixing it indeed. You should be able to use the option without having anything selected.

  2. We made this change recently because folks were asking for higher resolution PNG exports but we have been getting a few reports like yours and we’re discussing a potential option that would allow selecting the desired export format. I’ll add your vote for it.

In the meantime and as you mentioned, downgrading to 4.1.10 will go back to 1x exports.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your thoughts about this!

MIght finally be time for some tool settings. I really don’t know, why you’re so against it. But that’s another topic :o)

Edit: export size is a killer for me, as I have several hundert of requirements I will not be able to modify.

Issue 1 is solved with the current release of 4.2.3
Issue 2 is still open. Any plan, when to revert this change?

Hi @andi and thanks for checking on this one.

  1. We don’t plan on reverting that change as folks have been asking about it for a long time but I’ll check with the team about the possible option we talked about (selecting the desired size).

Thanks again!