Copy cross-mockup links when importing a set of mockups to another project

Every now and then, I need to copy a set of mockups from one project to another without losing the cross-mockup links that I have embedded in various bits of the mockups I am copying. I am able to easily copy the mockups by selecting a set of mockups from Project1 and dragging them to Project2. My problem is that when the mockups are imported to Project2, the links within them are all broken.

It appears that the process of importing mockups to my Project2, acts on each mockup individually. The thing is, that I now need to reconnect a bunch of links that are effectively internal to the set of mockups that I copied over. Is there a way to import a set of mockups all at once, so that any cross-mockup connections within the set are maintained?

Thanks for any tips to get me around this problem. I’m working with a small team and we maintain individual working copies of some files that we then merge into a master project. It’s a bummer to have to rebuild the cross-page links every time we migrate content from our working project over to the master project.

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Hrm, I’m sorry that this isn’t in there yet, @ChrisUX. I am going to talk to the dev team and see if this is something we can do.

I’ll see what I can do about getting it in there ASAP, Chris. I imagine it’s been a real pain and I’m sorry about that.

Thanks for following up Brendan. It would be great to be able to work across files more seamlessly.


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