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Copy Graphs from Excel



I use version 3.5.5.

I’d like to copy a graph from Excel and paste it in my mock up. The Chart: Line icon is not sufficient for me since it shows a comparison of two plots while I’d like to show just one plot. The Line Chart icon would work if I could expand its size beyond 128x128 for XXL size.

Is there a different way to accomplish this?

Much appreciate your input.


Hi @ksundare and thanks for getting in touch about this.

You’re right, the chart controls are meant to be placeholder more than precisely detailed elements of your project. Alternatively, I would recommend to export your graph from Excel as an image and import it directly in Mockups 3 for Desktop, as detailed here.

Hope this helps! We’re here if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


Hi Virgin,

I just want to clarify something to understand this better.

Do you export from Excel as an image or a Non-Image Asset item?

Excel doesn’t save as a “visual” unless it counts as a PDF yes?

Thank you!


Hey Beth,

I think what Virgin was implying was taking a screenshot of your excel sheet and importing that into your mockup.

On macOS, you can use Shft+CMD+4 to do that. On Windows you can use the snipping tool.

Let me know if that helps!


Got it. Thank you kindly.