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Copy & Paste Controls for Duplication with Wireframes for Desktop

I just switched from using Balsamiq 3 to testing out the trial version of the Balsamiq Wireframes (v4.0.25) and noticed a significant difference in the speed of copy & pasting a control (to duplicate it). For me, after copying, pasting takes about 4 or 5 seconds before it renders to the screen, which is quite annoying. In Balsamiq 3, this was not an issue. Is this a known problem and/or can this be looked into? Thank you!

Hi @briang123 and welcome to the forum.

I did a quick first-pass test of copying and pasting (also duplicating) controls and I’m not seeing any noticeable difference in speed between Mockups 3 and Wireframes but it was a decidedly quick, unscientific test.

Do you have a project which demonstrates the problem reliably? If so, are you able to let us take a look at the project file? We’ll only keep it as long as necessary for the investigation and, of course, only Balsamiq staff will see it. If so, can you email the .BMPR project file to If it’s too big to attach to an email message, you could use a file transfer service like Dropbox, or such.

Sorry for the delay in response and thank you for your reply. Weird thing happened. It appears that the latency went away the next day, so not sure if it was caching issue or what. In any case, I’m no longer experiencing the issues.

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