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Copy/paste functionality between mockups


I would like to ask if the copy/paste functionality of one or several components from one mockup page to another is feasible. For example, I have several mockups of a mobile app’s screens and I proceed with a major change in some components in a mockup. I need to replicate these changes to all the other mockups without having to do them from the beginning for each and every one of them.

Currently, using Chrome or Firefox I am not able to do this.

Hey Johnaton!

As long as you’re in the same tab and project, you should be able to copy and paste individual elements from one wireframe to another.

What it sounds like you may find more useful, however, is Symbols. Our myBalsamiq documentation is here. Search that for “Symbols” and see if that is more helpful than strictly copy pasting.

I’ll be here if you have any questions.

Hi @Brendan,

Thanks for the hint, Symbols indeed seem to cover the use case I refer to.

Thanks a lot!

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