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Copy/paste size or position x&y in one operation?


In Mockups 2, you could select the x/y position or size information for an object, and paste it into another very easily. This was possible because it used a single text field with a comma separating the x and y, hence you could select it all at once and paste it into your target object. I used this a lot when enforcing a common size across a bunch of objects that had already been created.

In v3 you have separated the x and y coordinates into separate fields. If there’s a benefit in this approach, I can’t think of it, but it’s going to cost me a fair bit of time.

I’d like to see the single, comma-separated field restored. Or even better, a direct option to clone size information from one object to another would be great, Whilst we’re at it, a “Format Painter” would be very useful too, for speedily harmonising colour, transparency etc across multiple objects

If inspector Position or Size X/Y fields are selected, the field should be removed when switching between mockups, but are NOT

I learned to love the new way with seperating x and y coordinates. To me it happens more often to just change one of the values, so an option to “clone” the position would be better imho :smile:


Hi @Chris_Gatland thanks for the feedback. This was a highly requested feature that we added in B3, and are now much more consistent with other design tools. Many customers, similar to what @heringsfilet mentioned, have given us a lot of positive feedback.

However, I totally hear what you are saying. I’m logging a feature request for us to consider for the future. Thanks again!