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Copy/Pasting a symbol IN DOCUMENT triggers "Importing Symbols" and creates a 2nd Project Symbols


This is a strange bug that keeps popping up for me:

I’m working on a document and copy / paste a symbol from 1 page to another in the same document (this isn’t cross-document pasting of symbols).

Normally, this works fine, but once in a while it triggers the “Importing Project Symbols” routine and creates an exact copy of my Project Symbols. The pasted symbol is from the new, 2nd Project Symbols.

Once this happens, any time I copy/paste a symbol from the original Project Symbols, this routine is triggered, only now it reports a conflict.

Other things:

  • This only seems to happen to relatively complex documents with lots of symbols.

  • Once it happens, it stays broken. Closing / reopening the file doesn’t work. Resaving the document doesn’t work.

I just discovered a workaround while writing this post:

  • Delete all symbols from the “imported” Project Symbols
  • Select all symbols from the original Project Symbols
  • Drag them into the “imported” Project Symbols

Balsamiq thinks for a while, then the problem seems to be gone.

Hope this helps!


Hey @Jason_C_Muxlow

Sorry about the trouble with this, my friend. What version of Mockups 3 are you running?

I ask because this is a bug that we thought we crushed a couple of versions back. If it’s showing up again, we’d love to get it fixed for real.

If you aren’t running 3.3.14, grab it here and let me know if the problem persists.


Ah-ha! Excellent :slight_smile:

Updating now. If this is my last post on this, assume that all is well.

Thank you for the zippy reply.