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Copy text of selected elements


It would be great if there would be some option to copy texts of all (selected) elements (so control->properties->text).

Yes, i know that everyone can install balsamiq and i could then share my bmpr files and they could then copy the text … but sometimes this is simple an overkill and sending the text e.g. for coder or graphic designer would be far simpler.


Hey @Tomas_Kapler, good to hear from you again :). I hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods!

Can definitely see how this would be useful. I will add it to our feature tracker, and we will see what we can do here.

In the future, we are going to look into whether or not our PDF export can allow for text copy, but that will be something that happens after we go native (Adobe Air/Flash doesn’t support it right now.)

We really appreciate all the ideas, Tomas, so please keep them coming!


Wanted to post a little update for you, @Tomas_Kapler. There is a way to do this now if you want to flex your JSON-fu.

If you select the controls that have the text you would like to copy, export them as JSON (CTRL or CMD + E), and then run JSONPath query search for “$.mockup.controls.control[*].properties.text”, you would get the text you entered as a result (default text is not saved to JSON).

While it’s not the most user-friendly workaround, if JSON is something you are comfortable with, this would work!

We will talk more about implementing this officially :slight_smile: