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Copying elements from one slide to the next doesn't keep it in the same place


In B2, if I had 5 files and I wanted to copy/paste a new element into each of them at the same location, I would just copy and paste and it worked.

However, in B3, if I copy an element from Slide 1 to Slide 2, it’s not placed in the exact same location as it was on Slide 1 - it adjusts it x pixels to the down and right. This makes it time consuming to get it exactly lined up again (so that it doesn’t visually “jump” when I flip through the slides).

Am I doing something inefficiently and is there a better way to accomplish my goal of one-off new additions across several slides? Or, is it a “bug” to be fixed?


Sorry about this! We’ve fixed some bugs in this area already—can you make sure you are on the latest? We are on 3.0.8 as of now:

One thing that you can do is to use Edit > Paste in Place (SHIFT+CMD+V). That will put it exactly where it was before.

Sometimes this happens because it was already pasted once in the new mockup. The first time, it will try to paste in the same place, and then subsequent pastes will offset it so that it doesn’t completely cover the control. Sorry it hasn’t been easier though!


I’ve found this to be true when working with derivative mockups (copy of mockup name). Working in 3.0.8


I’m using 3.0.8 but am still seeing this issue. You’re exactly right though - it is when working on a derivative that I’m seeing it. In B2, whenever I would save a file it would “reset” the paste position to be back to exactly where I want it, but in B3 that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

I will def. try the “Paste in Place” shortcut - hope I remember it. It seems as though that as the default might make more sense in many cases, but I’m sure every use-case is different. . Thanks for the tip!