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Copying features I've created from one mockup within a project to another in the same project


Hi All
Me again with a total newbies question that no doubt has an easy answer. I’m doing mockups for a website, in one project, to show various pages. I don’t seem able to copy over features that I’ve created from one page / mockup to another. I’ve seen people asking about copying them from one project to another, and asking for this to be added as a feature. I am looking for something much more basic - I just want to copy basic elements from one page to another. Spent 20 minutes trying… much appreciation to anyone who can put me out of my misery!




since you mentioned you are new to balsamiq: do you know the symbols?

this will do the trick but you have to copy your symbols to the new project by hand.


Hi @MePT !

Let’s put an end to your misery! :smile:

You should be able to use Copy/Paste actions to copy items from one mockup to another.

  1. Select the item(s) you want to copy.

  2. From the top menu click Edit > Copy or keyboard shortcut CMD+C (MAC) | CTRL+C (Windows).

  3. Navigate to the new mockup and from the top menu click Edit > Paste or keyboard shortcut CMD+V (MAC) | CTRL+V (Windows).

If you would like to copy items in the same grid location in the new mockup, use Edit > Paste in Place after your copy action.

Hope this solves your problem @MePT! Let me know if you have any other issues!