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Copying the balsamiq wireframe


I have some content that I created in the Balsamiq web version. It’s screens and buttons for a cell phone app. I think you all call that a wireframe?

Anyway, I want to copy it so that I can make a bunch of large changes. I am a little wary, though, as I am up against a tight deadline and don’t want to lose anything.

If I go to project -> duplicate wireframe
will that copy the whole thing and let me name it?

The current new phone screens are saved as “new project” right now.

If I do the duplication action will that that create something like “new project1” that’s exactly the same as the original?


Hi @floatingkeyboards

Thanks for the post.

The Project -> Duplicate Current Wireframe menu option does exactly what you need. It will create an exact replica of the current wireframe with “copy” added as a suffix. It’s perfectly safe and will not impact your existing wireframe in any way.

If you want to be extra-super-safe you can always download a copy of your project as a .BMPR file to your local hard disk from your main Space screen:

Try it out and get back to us with any questions, ok?

All the best,



thanks very much. You are a life saver :slight_smile: