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Corrupted file - how do I recover?


Been using Balsamiq with Google Drive successfully for 3 days. All of a sudden now when I try to open a .bmpr file I get this cryptic message. Anyone know what this is and how to recover my 3 days of work?

“Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive Error” “Unexpected error: null - Error 404”

Choosing a different Google account does not make sense since I have the right one chosen (the same single one I’ve been using).


Hello @Vijay_Ganesan

Thanks for the post - I’m sorry to hear about this as it’s obviously very frustrating and not a great start to your Balsamiq experience.

I don’t think this is file corruption, rather an account issue which we’ll investigate.

In the meantime, can you send a copy of the .BMPR file to and we’ll check it out to be absolutely sure.

We’ll be back in touch on the 404 error as soon as we have an update, ok?