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Corrupted PNGS when exporting

Ive used android template to build mockps - when I export I get weird green/blue graphics ruining the PNGs? I never added this graphic? Also can see the corruption in the left hand wireframes nav. Its fine when workgin on the layouts - just when I export.

Thanks, Kevin.

That’s very strange.

Can you tell me which version of the app you’re using, whether you’re on Windows or macOS and, if possible, can you email me the project file?

We’ve never seen the PNG exporter do that, so we really want to dig into this.

Im using cloud in windows 10 on a surface pro 4 - latest chrome browser.

Its the GERF > LFM direct debit project

I dont think there is a version number in cloud in a browser?

many thx

left hand nav looks a bit corrupted too

same prob if I export individually…

Very strange, Kevin.

Would you mind trying an incognito window for me, just to see if it’s a weird caching or extension issue?

interesting - that seems to have fixed it! Ive had a few problems in chrome lately…

Sounds like it may be a caching issue.

If you blow it up, it should work in non-incognito as well.

Cache issues can do the weirdest things…

ok thx for your prompt help :slight_smile:

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