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Crashing when disconnecting from monitor


I’ve been using the new Mockups 3 and loving it. I use a big Apple Monitor and a Macbook Pro. Whenever i disconnect my Macbook from the monitor, it causes Balsamiq to crash. Every time, including the latest release.


Hi @MikePLewis

Sorry for not responding earlier. Thank you for reporting the issue.
We did try it with two different computers but failed to reproduce it. But you are not the only one who reported this issue.

Can you tell us some information about your setup?
In which state is the application? Presentation mode, editing mode or minimized?
Is the monitor you disconnect the primary screen or the secondary one?

Thank you


It happened once for me when the monitor is the secondary one and the application was in normal edit mode. Tried to reproduce it, but couldn’t


I am also experiencing this issue frequently. Balsamic (3.1.1) is in standard edit mode with a project open. Macbook Pro 15 Retina / 10.10.3 / 16GB RAM with Thunderbolt Cinema Display. Balsamic is on the main display which is the Thunderbolt external monitor. Laptop display is open and also in use. When I disconnect the monitor, Balsamic crashes.


Specifically - the bug occurs on Mac OSX on the Retina MBP when Balsamiq is running on a non-retina external monitor. When the monitor is disconnected, Balsamiqs moves to the primary retina screen and crashes (due to some resolution buggery).

Thankfully, due to auto save I’m not loosing much work but it is EXTREMELY frustrating.


Sadly this is an Adobe Air bug, which means we cannot do much about it other than report it to Adobe and try to push them to fix it. We are working on switching to being native which means we’ll have more control on these kinds of bugs, but it will take a while. In the meantime, we’re sorry for the hassle. :frowning:


I am still experiencing the issue. Any updates?


I have noticed that it has gotten better with more recent version of Mockups 3, but it’s a weird Adobe Air bug, and we are forced to wait for them to fix it. It’s a race to see if we can finish the native version of the app before that happens because we too are frequent sufferers of this.

Are you on the most up-to-date version of Mockups? I’m curious if you are seeing improvements too, or if it’s just a placebo.


3.3.1 I updated an I will let you know!


Anecdotally, I plugged in monitors and then removed it and it didn’t crash. Which usually happens every time.


Yeah, I don’t know what this bug’s story is.

But man, it is annoying.

Glad it wasn’t a complete placebo, though :).


I’m still seeing the issue on 3.3.9, and “yes” it is annoying. It would be nice to see Adobe get their act together to fix this, but I’m not holding my breath.


I’m experiencing this with version 3.5.5.


Sorry for the hassle with this one @irisgem.

As mentioned above, this is an Adobe AIR bug but we are getting closer to the release of our new web version (native) and we’re already working on a native Desktop version too. No ETA for it yet but we’ll make sure to keep you all in the loop here.

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re always happy to help!