Create New Symbol ignores name

In Wireframes for Windows, version 4.2.5 (editor 3.0.2), creating a symbol apparently ignores the name given.

I create group, edit the name of the new symbol, and click button below “create symbol”. Yet, it will ALWAYS appear as “New Symbol”.

I have to go to menu->View->Symbols (no shortcut ??) and rename.

Thanks for the report, @hsatech. We have identified this bug a few days ago and we’ll get it fixed!

I’m also adding your vote for a keyboard shortcut to jump to the Symbols view. :wink:

Glad to find this, as a new user I’ve been retrying the training course several times trying to work out what I’m doing wrong! I’m currently using desktop version 4.2.7 is there an eta for a fix? Thank you

Hey @AJ345, the fix should be coming next week.

Sorry for any frustration we caused you with this :(.

Thanks for the update, no problem at least I know how to create one now :slight_smile:


thanks for the awesome information.

Hi there @jackyjoy123 and welcome to the forums!

The good news is that was a bug and it should be fixed in the latest release from about 10 days ago, 4.3.1. You can always download the latest version right here: Balsamiq for Desktop - Fast, Powerful, Offline Wireframing | Balsamiq

Also, check out the auto-update feature, introduced in version 4.1.x. Simply put, we’ll notify you of updates automatically, if you wish.

Can you install the latest version and let us know if you continue to have the issue?

@alasdair confirming that both autoupdate and the correction works. Thanks for the correction.

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thanks my issue has been fixed.

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