Create OS X Dock Bar!


I want to create a mockup , which includes a bar like max os x, but can not find a way that allows me to draw the base of the bar , which in this case would be a trapezium , to simulate the base in 3D.

I consider it a basic component , since there are many users of Mac OS X operating system.


Totally understand, @Alexander.

I was hoping we had something in our Mockups to Go community site, but I couldn’t find anything.

You can, however, use the Line control to draw a trapezium. I’ve included a quick example. You can import it into your project using these instructions.

Dock.bmml (2.6 KB)

Let me know if that helps!


Hi Brendan, thank for your help, this is the result in Balsamiq:

As you can see I could not add a background color to the trapezoid

Although I definitely think you need to include new forms in Balsamiq , as the trapezoid , parallelogram , figures enfectos perspective to simulate 3D , etc.

This is a version created in PowerPoint:

And this in pencil: