Create the ability to send mails to several recipients

I’m trying to create a wireframe to manually send registration invitation emails) with the ability to add additional recipient email addresses set to 10 email recipients).
What I’ve done: Added an input field for the recipient email: * rectangle with text ( in it
My question is: how can I mock the ability to add up to 10 email recipients instead of one?
Thank you

Recipient Email:

Hi @Mufida123 ,

It sounds like you could just reproduce, say, the kind of input offered by most modern native or web-based email clients. Something like this?

Remember, as a low-fidelity wireframe you’re focusing on the core content and structure so the messages is more “there will be a list of multiple email addresses here” than “this is exactly what it will look like

Sorry alasdair, I wasn’t clear enough. I just uploaded the wireframe that I’m trying to create.

Hi @Mufida123 ,

I checked a few email clients and they all use some variant of the text area approach e.g.

Can you help us understand how that’s not an option - or maybe even sketch out by hand and scan the look you’re going for and we can help you get close.