Create TimeStamp in Wireframe

As a project dashboard creator, I would like to add a timestamp in the wireframe to show the time of acknowledgment. Is this possible?

Hi @Mufida123 ,

As a low-fidelity wireframing tool, we don’t have a feature which allows you to manage acceptance of ackknowledgement of individual wireframes. You could use the Comments feature but it still may not give you the functionality or the granularity of control that you need:

You could also just add a text-based control (e.g. Text or Label) to your wireframe and include the timestamp in that control. However, this may not be ideal as any project editor would be able to change the text. If you go this approach, you could treat the control in question as Markup so you can easily toggle it visible/invisible so it’s not generally vidible when editing or presenting your wireframes.

Sorry to not have a better answer - hope this helps!

Thank you.

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