Creating a hierarchy using a DataGrid


how can I create such a hierarchy using a DataGrid?


Hi @cmorge

That control looks more like our Tree Pane control than the Data Grid control e.g.

I have attached a small project file to this reply containing that control so you can see what the text in the control looks like.

There is more information on using the control in our Tree Pane help doc.

Check that out and let us know if you need more help?

treepane.bmpr (64 KB)

hm thank you, but I don’t think that it is the tree panel control because the control from my screenshot has a sortable header, row styling, and more than one column (the columns are not visible in the screenshot).

Is it not possible with the data grid?

Hi @cmorge ,

You could certainly do what you’re trying to do with the Data Grid control but it seemed like the focus was more on the tree/text. Apologies.

Indeed, to make it even easier for you, we recently added the ability to use Icons in Text (e.g. within the Data Grid text, so the look you’re going for would be pretty straightforward e.g.

I’ve attached a new version of the project with this Data Grid example.

treepane_and_datagrid.bmpr (64 KB)

oh okay I understand, I thought that are really collapsable controls but now I can see, thank you very much!

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