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Creating a mock-up from a txt file

I’m trying to create a mock-up from an old .txt file that has all of the control info for a mockup. I cannot seem to copy or import due to the file format - is there any other way I can use this information to create a mock-up in the pc desktop V 4.4.1 rather than starting over again? Thanks

Hi @AJ345,

Not sure if you’ve tried to contact us via Slack earlier (we received the exact same request there but I’ll share the information here too.

Our current version (Balsamiq Wireframes) doesn’t handle our older file format but if you rename your files from .XML to .bmml and import them in our legacy Desktop product (Mockups 3 for Desktop), you’ll be able to save those as a BMPR file. More details on this page.

Once that’s done, you can use these BMPR files in any current Balsamiq product.

Hope this helps!