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Credentials have expired / site can't be reached

When I take a break from designing and then come back to my computer, the browser tab that my wireframe was in will often be reporting either:

  • Oops, it seems that your credentials have expired. Please log again in [sic] your Google account.
  • The site can’t be reached

But in comparison, all my other Google Drive pages (Sheets, Docs, Drive, etc.) that were open previously are fine/working.
It’s flow-interrupting to have to wait for Balsamiq to reload every time this happens.
What’s going on - why is this happening just to the Balsamiq app - not other Drive apps?

Hi @Christopher and sorry for the trouble with this.

We had one similar report in the past but we were never able to reproduce the issue here, unfortunately. We made a related improvement when the issue was initially reported but we would like to investigate it more and see what we can improve.

Just wondering, are you getting the same token expiration issue on all computers or only a specific one?


I only use one computer.

Thanks for letting us know, @Christopher. I’ve looped in our dev team and shared the details so that they can take a closer look and see if we can improve this.

Thanks again for the report!

Cool - good luck! Maybe this screenshot is useful

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