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Cropped Text in PDF-Export

Hi there,

I’ve got a bug when exporting a balsamiq mockup to pdf. A customer noticed some letters missing in a wireframe I created. When trying to correct this I realized those missing letters just werent missing. In the PDF version they are just cropped.
As of my current testing it seems that this occurs only with the last letters oft text on checkbox elements. If I increase the width of those elements to create some whitespace after the text everything is exported correctly.

I am using Balsamiq 4.0.47 on Windows 10.

Kind regards

Ugh, I’m sorry about that, @Oxygen_01. There were a couple of odd PDF quirks and bugs in the older versions of our Windows app.

The good news is that I think we squashed all of them in the latest version of the app. Give it a shot and let me know. We will be here to troubleshoot if the problem persists!

Thanks for the fast reply @Brendan. Not that big deal, just wanted to make sure the problem is solved in the later versions. The workaround is to expand the width of the checkboxes a little bit. unfortunately I can’t update to the latest version as I am not the administrator of the PC I am using balsamiq on.

Thanks for sharing more details, @Oxygen_01. I’m hoping that you can loop in the administrator so that they can update to the latest version.

Please let us know in case the issue persists after that or if you need anything else.

Thank you @Virgin. I just contacted the administrator. As soon I got the latest version I will try to reproduce the issue.

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