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Cropping image makes it blurry / lower resolution

When I crop a larger image down to use a part of it, the resulting cropped part of the image now becomes blurry. I only just started noticing this after downloading Balsamiq 3.2.4 (I was using 3.2.2 before today). I don’t know if the correlation may lead to the discovery of the cause, but it was worth mentioning.

Two other things worth mentioning:

  • The smaller I crop the blurrier the result (if I do a nuanced crop, it looks fine).
  • For the smaller blurry ones, when I double click in to the cropped image to crop it again, the resolution is fine and the image is crisp.

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Definitely looks like a bug, @grebe.

I’ll get it filed and see if we can do something about it. I have a sneaking suspicion that Adobe Air may be the culprit, which would limit our ability to fix it, but we will definitely have a look!

Thanks for taking the time to report this :slight_smile:

Thanks Brendan! It also appears as though it may be growing the cropped image’s height by ~1px as well, contributing to the blur. When I decrease a blurry image’s height by 1px, it looks better (still not crisp though). Wasn’t sure if that is helpful or not, but figured I’d add in the context.

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I have just upldated to 3.3.3 on Windows and all my mockups from previous 3.0.3 version now looks terribly blurred

Please fix it. My work strongly depends on Balsamiq functionality.

I’m sorry @Dmitry_Astapkovich. We are going to look at it as soon as we can. We think it’s related to the recent crop fixes we did.

As soon as I have more information, Virgin or I will let you and @grebe know! I’m sorry again for any hassle this causes you guys in the interim.

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Hey @grebe and @Dmitry_Astapkovich,

Wanted to give you both a quick heads up. While I don’t think there will be another release before next year, we do have a fix for the cropping issue in our beta branch. If you are feeling brave, you can grab it from

I hope you both have a wonderful holiday and happy new year :slight_smile:

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Hi @Brendan, I have checked the built, issue still seems to be presented though it’s not that rough now and is random:

You can find source bmpr file here:

PS Also suddenly the palette is blurred:

Thank you anyway, and have a great holidays!

Thanks for looking @Dmitry_Astapkovich. I’ll see if we can tweak the cropping a bit.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll wait for the official stable release, but I’m excited that the cropping quality is improved! Thanks to @Dmitry_Astapkovich for testing it out already. :smile:

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Hey Guys, more updates.

Stefano Brilli has been working on this with me on this, and confirmed what @Dmitry_Astapkovich found (thanks for the BMPR!)

He is going to get it fixed, but offered a work around in the mean time. If you select the blurred image and click on autosize, it should get rid of the remaining blurriness.

We will get it fixed, but let me know if that workaround works in the interim! :slight_smile:

@Brendan, workaround works =) Looking forward to see it fixed!

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Hi @grebe and @Dmitry_Astapkovich,

We just released our latest official version (3.3.5) including an improved quality of cropped images!

Thanks again for the reports and details you shared to help improving it! :smile:

You can get the new version (3.3.5) here:

And the complete release notes are here:



Houston, fixed confirmed! I repeat: fixed confirmed!

You are awesome!

By the way, @Brendan, is it ok to post here couple of suggestions on crop here? Well, anyway, I’ll do:

  1. could we please have zooming with scroll wheel enabled in cropping mode?
  2. is it possible to have same arrow keys control for moving crop box as it is for all regular figures? I mean press left arrow to move the box to the left

Both of these will help a lot to work precisely with cropping. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Dmitry_Astapkovich,

I’ve added these two requests about improving the Crop feature in our internal tool so we can discuss it with the team.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us, please keep them coming! :smile:

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Hi @Virgin!

For some reason I haven’t seen this one. Awesome! Thanks for getting this on your list.

As for future request, I have quite a lot to share. What is the most appropriate way to do that? Post here on forum or email/shared doc?

Hi again @Dmitry_Astapkovich,

Both would work for us but maybe sending an email to will be the easiest/better way for this. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts about our little tool with us btw, that’s always very helpful! :slightly_smiling:

@Virgin, little tool?.. I made 100+ mockup files with more than one tab in most of them. Several game projects, mobile apps and web sites got their layouts I made in Balsamiq. My pet project CloudShot was deeply inspired with what you do. It’s not little, man. No, no, it’s not little, not at all.

I’ll start putting my random thoughts on UI improvements into written form, and send to you via email.

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