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Current mockup in link combo



I propose you an idea: could you mark (for example in italic) the current mockup in the link combo?

Tipically is a mistake to have an object in a mockup linked to itself.
In a huge project could be helpful to recognize immediately the current mockup and therefore the next one that has a great probability to be the correct candidate for my story boards.

The curent link in the combo is marked as selected (in reverse): using the italic to display the mockup name you can preserve also this relevant feature.

It is only my “two cents” to your great products!

Kind Regards
Mario Ferrari


Hi @Mario_Ferrari,

Great idea! I’ll bring this up to the dev so we can further discuss it.

As always, if others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us, please keep them coming! :smile: