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Current Release of Mockups 3 for Desktop: 3.5.17

Good morning, friends! I bet you didn’t expect to see this thread again. :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since our last Mockups 3 update, and we are really excited about this one. Thanks to @tristan’s post we think we have finally squashed the crash bug that has plagued external monitor users for years.

While it’s not a giant update in terms of size, this was one of the bugs we never thought we would be able to fix, so we are really excited about it.

You can update your version of Mockups 3 for Desktop by downloading it from our download page.

Happy Wireframing!


Updated for 3.3.9

Updated for 3.3.11

Updated for 3.3.14

Updated for 3.4.1

Updated for 3.4.2

Updated for 3.4.4

Updated for 3.4.5

Updated for 3.5.3

Updated for 3.5.4

Updated for 3.5.8

Updated for 3.5.9

Updated for 3.5.11

Updated for 3.5.13 to fix this bug.

Updated for 3.5.16