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Cursor Drag Selection Stops When Outside of Canvas


Makes it impossible to select assets at Position X = 0 or Y = 0.


Hi @joesteinkamp

Thank you for your report. Yes, we know the issue.

The trouble is the canvas knows over which edge the mouse left the canvas but it no longer knows the position of the mouse. So you can select a control at 0, 10 or 10, 0 because you can let go of the mouse outside of the canvas and we receive the event. But we do not know if you moved the mouse to the right or left until it is again on the canvas.

I fear this issue will stay open until we have a native version of the editor.


Perhaps another example of where providing a margin of space around the design canvas, so that there is a “virtual” canvas that is larger than the currently used canvas that allows the user to pan/scroll the mockup such that X=0, Y=0, X=Max or Y=Max are situated inside the boundaries of the current view port (as discussed in Dynamic canvas size) would be beneficial?