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Cursor remnants in presentation mode


Has anyone else noticed that when in full screen presentation mode, the cursor seems to leave “remnants” or artifacts as it is dragged around the screen? I’ve uploaded a screen shot to show what I mean. I had to switch back to the “small” cursor as the the large blue pointer was even worse. It also had issues when trying to click on small targets like extra small icons with links.

I’m running Balsamiq on the beastiest MacBook available so system resources are not an issue.


Hi @clambeth, this is unfortunately a very old bug of the Flash Player (and thus Adobe Air, the platform we use right now).

The bug only happens sometimes, only with certain hardware. We have also noticed that having an external monitor plugged in affects it as well.

It’s really annoying when it happens, and it’s frustrating for us because there’s nothing we as Balsamiq can do to fix this bug, other than point our customers to which is where you can file a bug with Adobe directly.

This bug is part of the reason we’re moving away from Flash towards native implementations on each platform.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you at the moment. :frowning:


peldi -

the reason we’re moving away from Flash towards native implementations on each platform

Bravo for that. I have been hoping for native presentation for a long time. As useful as Flash was, I believe it is time to move on.

Thanks for the reply.


I’m glad to know this as well, it had been bugging me since upgrading to v3 and switching from Windows to Mac. I’m using Chrome on Yosemite and it happens on my primary monitor (a second display connected to the MacBook), but is much less problematic on the laptop screen itself, and thus shouldn’t pose much of a problem when demoing from the laptop to a projector or in a Hangout. Looking forward to the native implementation when you guys get there!