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Custom Font not working


I installed a font called Interstate. I restarted Mockups and selected the font as my project font. It then reverts to default font (although it shows Interstate as my selected font). Other applications use the font just fine.


Hmm, it may be that the Adobe Air framework doesn’t like the font, @flome

Would it be possible to email us the font so that we can run some tests on our side?

Just to verify, are you running the most up-to-date version of Mockups 3 for Desktop?


I just sent it over. And yes, I am using the latest version.


Hello again @flome,

Thanks for sending in the font file.

Our desktop apps are built on the Adobe Air platform which only supports TrueType and OpenType fonts. It looks like the version of Interstate you have is a Postscript font which is why we’re seeing this issue.

But, no matter, Interstate is a free font and there is a TrueType version available. Try downloading and installing from:

I just tested it in Mockups 3 for Desktop 3.5.15 and it’s working beautifully. Hopefully, that works for you? Get back to me if you have any other issues or questions, ok?